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IHH General Manager | Pete Badour
Pete Badour
General Manager
IHH Director of Food & Beverage | Jeffrey Pagnota
Jeffrey Pagnota
Director of Food & Beverage
IHH Director of Human Resources | Ryan Macy
Ryan Macy
Director of Human Resources
IHH Director of Maintenance | Ryan Green
Ryan Green
Director of Maintenance
IHH Director of Marketing | Heather Tamlyn
Heather Tamlyn
Director of Marketing
IHH Executive Chef | Phil Kromer
Phil Kromer
Executive Chef
IHH Hospitality Manager | Andrea Green
Andrea Green
Hospitality Manager
IHH Reservations Manager | Travis Szredsinsk
Travis Sredzinski
Reservations Manager
calleawaert family photo infront of the island house hotel

The Callewaert Family

Our commitment to preserving this historic gem remains as deep as the determination our father and grandfather had to restore this great estate when they rescued it from the brink of demolition over 50 years ago. Their legacy of unwavering dedication and profound affection for this extraordinary place lives on through us, creating an atmosphere where your arrival feels like welcoming dear friends into our cherished home.

We take immense pride in our roots within the Mackinac Island community, and our unwavering dedication to its preservation remains at the core of our family’s values. As you step into the embrace of the Island House Hotel, we invite you to savor the rich tapestry of history and the enduring, timeless charm surrounding you. Rest assured, the past and future of this extraordinary place are held in the most caring of hands.

Once again, thank you for becoming an integral part of our enduring legacy, and we look forward to creating cherished memories together during your stay.