Frequently Asked Questions

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Island House Hotel offers 94 guest rooms and suites with varying sizes, views, and amenities. Rates vary by season, weekdays vs. weekends, arrival date, length of stay, the view, number of guests, and room type. On Saturdays, a two-night stay is typically required, whether it encompasses Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, certain holidays, such as the 4th of July Weekend, may necessitate a minimum three-night stay with specific dates. For additional information visit Rooms & Rates.

Reservations can be made year-round online or by calling 906-847-3347. Reservationists are not able to hold rooms without a deposit. The required deposit for a one-night stay is the total of the stay; two or more nights is a two-night deposit.

Rates are subject to 6% Michigan sales tax, 3% Mackinac Island assessment, and 8% hotel levy. Children under the age of six stay free. All rates are based on double occupancy and are subject to additional charges for extra adults and youth.

Guests may modify or reschedule reservations up to seven days before the scheduled arrival without incurring a penalty. To adjust an existing reservation made directly with the Island House Hotel via the website or telephone, please contact us at 906-847-3347. For reservations made through a third-party travel site, guests should contact the site directly for assistance.

When rescheduling or making a new reservation, the booking will be subject to current pricing, which may differ from previously confirmed rates. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse any reservation based on incorrect pricing or availability information.

Cancellations made between the time of reservation and seven days before the scheduled arrival will incur a $25 fee. Due to our unique location, which requires guests to make travel arrangements in advance, cancellations significantly impact operations. Therefore, we firmly adhere to these policies. Cancellations within seven days of arrival or no-shows will result in forfeiture of the full deposit. Reservations made under the Cyber Monday Special cannot be modified and are nonrefundable.

To guarantee the availability of handicap-accessible rooms or rooms without stairs, guests must book directly with the hotel over the phone. It’s essential to clearly communicate all special requests and accessibility needs during the reservation process, well before your arrival. This allows us sufficient time to prepare for your stay accordingly.

Hotel Accessibility

Entrance: Access to the hotel is facilitated either by a lift or by approximately seven steps leading to the lobby level.

1852 Grill Room: Access to the dining room is facilitated either by a lift or by approximately four steps.

Elevator Access: Elevator access is available between the lobby and the second and third floors.

Certain room types require stair access, including Traditional Fourth Floor Queen (TR4Q), One Bedroom View Suite (OBVS), One Bedroom King Suite (OBKS), Traditional Two Queens (TRQQ), and Two Bedroom Family Suites (STE). Stairs are required for any room located on the first floor.

Handicap Accessible Guest Rooms

Room 211 Deluxe Lake View King (DVK): Located on the second floor. Features a king-sized bed, a larger bathroom with a removable showerhead, a lowered sink, a raised toilet, handrails near the toilet and in the shower, a bathtub with a sitting platform, a coffee maker, and a mini-fridge.

Room 207 Traditional King (TRK): Located on the second floor. Features a king-sized bed, a larger bathroom with a removable showerhead, a lowered sink, a raised toilet, handrails near the toilet and in the shower, and a bathtub with a sitting platform.

Additional Amenities

Walk-in showers, shower chairs, toilet seat raisers, and temporary handrails can be provided upon request when noted on the reservation well before guest arrival to ensure availability.

Portable cribs are available for select rooms. To guarantee availability, please ensure this request is noted when making your reservation well in advance of your arrival.

Bike Parking

Bicycle parking is available in the front and back of the hotel. We do not allow bicycles to be stored inside the hotel.

Bike Rentals

Island House Bike Shop is located curbside in front of Island House Hotel. Our friendly staff will help you choose from a wide range of bicycle options, ranging from single speed cruisers to tandems for two. The entire family can explore the ample outdoor beauty Mackinac Island has to offer! Please visit Island House Bike Shop for additional information about our onsite bicycle rentals.

Bringing Your Own Bikes

You can bring your own bicycles to Mackinac Island. You must purchase a bicycle license at the ferry dock on the mainland which includes transportation. All bicycles must be parked in designated outdoor locations. Bicycles of any kind are not permitted indoors.

Electric Bikes | E-Bikes

Recently an e-bike battery charging in a private home was the cause of a large fire, and several people were hospitalized. As the popularity of e-bikes has grown, so has the number of fires caused by e-bike lithium batteries across the nation.  For this reason, we are implementing the following safety standards.

E-bikes must be parked and charged in designated outdoor locations at all times when on the property.  At no time may e-bikes or e-bike lithium batteries be leaned against or brought inside any building.

Your understanding and cooperation in preventing any unnecessary danger by following these procedures are appreciated.

For the most current regulations regarding E-Bikes on Mackinac Island click here

Bicycle Safety, Rules & Maps

Visit our Bike Rental page to read our Bike FAQs. Learn more about safety, rules, and maps for your Mackinac Island adventure.

Check-in at Island House Hotel is available after 4:00 p.m. For guests arriving early on Mackinac Island, rest assured that your luggage will be securely stored until your room is ready for check-in. If you require early check-in before 4:00 p.m., please ensure this request is noted on your reservation before your arrival. While we strive to accommodate all special requests, please understand that we cannot guarantee early check-in due to factors beyond our control. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to welcoming you to our hotel.

To prepare for incoming guests, all rooms must be vacated by 11:00 a.m. When checking your luggage for transportation, inform the porter whether you are riding with Shepler’s or Star to Mackinaw City or St. Ignace, along with your ferry departure time. It is recommended to check your bags at the bellstand at least one hour before your desired ferry departure time. Regardless of weather conditions, ferry lines will hold your luggage until your arrival on the mainland. Upon disembarking from the ferry on the mainland, proceed to the luggage tent with your claim tags. If you have a vehicle, you may opt to retrieve it first before collecting your luggage.

Island House Hotel, 1852 Grill Room, and Ice House BBQ feature a casual resort atmosphere. While there is no formal dress code, guests may consider packing something nice for a memorable evening at the 1852 Grill Room.

Please visit our Location page to learn more about Ferry Tickets, Overnight Parking, and Luggage Transportation. There, you’ll find detailed information on how to purchase ferry tickets, options for overnight parking, and the process for transporting your luggage to and from the island. We strive to provide all the necessary information to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during your stay with us.

Elevate your stay or surprise a loved one with a variety of enhancements available to add to any reservation. Choose from indulgent options such as champagne chilled on ice, chocolate-covered strawberries, celebration cakes, or our family’s handcrafted Mackinac Island Fudge for a special touch to your room.

Give the gift of Mackinac Island with our versatile gift cards, redeemable at your favorite island locations. Gift cards can be conveniently purchased online in any denomination, making them the perfect present for any occasion.

When preparing your luggage for your stay at the Island House Hotel on Mackinac Island, it’s important to consider a few key factors to ensure a smooth journey. Opt for bags with zippers or latch closures to prevent items from falling out during transit, as your luggage will also be on a journey to the island. Additionally, be sure to hand-carry essential items such as electronics, chargers, medications, medical equipment, car keys, and anything fragile, valuable, or irreplaceable.

If you happen to forget something, there’s no need to worry; our sundry shop offers a selection of frequently forgotten items for purchase.

In terms of what to bring, in addition to your standard travel essentials, we recommend including the following items for a comfortable and enjoyable stay:

– A backpack with room for souvenirs
– Sunglasses
– A jacket or sweater (temperatures can vary throughout the day)
– A raincoat and umbrella (just in case)
– Sunscreen
– Comfortable walking shoes
– Swimsuit
– Your sense of adventure

Leave your stress, cares, and worries behind; you won’t need them here. They’ll be right where you left them upon your return, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the island experience.

In adherence to our historic preservation standards, Island House Hotel exclusively permits certified service animals inside the premises. Upon arrival, all service animals must be registered at the front desk. Any room with an unregistered animal will be charged $250 to return the room to a pet-free condition. Additionally, event organizers will incur penalty fees for attendees harboring non-service animals within the hotel premises. Notwithstanding, dogs are permitted within designated outdoor areas, including the Ice House BBQ.

Our hotel hosts a variety of events throughout the season, some of which feature music in public areas. Quiet time at the hotel is observed starting at 11 p.m. Additionally, there are occasions when dining facilities and the veranda may close for private events. If you plan to dine at the 1852 Grill Room, we highly recommend making reservations prior to your arrival to ensure availability and to enhance your dining experience.

In compliance with Michigan law and to preserve the historic integrity of our estate, smoking or vaping inside the hotel is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this policy will result in a $250 penalty fee. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your understanding.

Originally constructed in 1852 as a beach house, the Island House Hotel has since undergone significant transformations while retaining its timeless Victorian architecture and captivating history. Immerse yourself in classic charm and enduring elegance during your stay on Mackinac Island. Discover an array of accommodations tailored to suit your preferences and budget by visiting Your unforgettable island escape awaits!

The cost of renting a room can vary based on factors such as the time of your visit, occupancy, and room type. Generally, weekdays offer more budget-friendly rates, while the most economical months include May, June, September, and October. For precise pricing details tailored to your stay, explore Our Rooms. Start planning your unforgettable Mackinac Island getaway today!

Island House Hotel owes its preservation to the heroic efforts of Harry Ryba and his son-in-law Victor Callewaert, who rescued it from demolition in 1969. Although owned by Mackinac State Historic Parks, the Callewaert family remains deeply committed to its stewardship, leasing and meticulously maintaining this cherished historic landmark. This dedication ensures that guests enjoy an unparalleled experience of hospitality and comfort during their stay on Mackinac Island.

The best time to visit Mackinac Island depends on what experiences you seek. Spring boasts blooming flowers and tranquility before the summer rush, with events like the Lilac Festival and Derby Party adding to the charm. In summer, enjoy milder temperatures and refreshing lake breezes, perfect for family getaways and romantic retreats. Fall showcases the island adorned in vivid colors, offering a serene atmosphere as tourist numbers wind down. Whether you’re drawn to spring blooms, summer adventures, or fall foliage, Mackinac Island promises unforgettable moments year-round.

Choosing to stay on Mackinac Island offers a unique experience unlike any other. As the last boat departs, tranquility envelops the island, inviting leisurely strolls amidst breathtaking scenery. After dinner, head downtown for the island’s vibrant nightlife with live music and libations or savor quiet moments stargazing over the harbor cuddled by our chimneas, listening to the gentle lapping of waves and the soothing clip-clop of horses retiring to their stables. Wake up to a glorious sunrise and savor a cup of coffee on the porch, where horse-drawn buggies glide past, bicycles breeze by, and boats gracefully sail in and out of the harbor. Experience the magic of Mackinac Island from dawn to dusk, creating memories to last a lifetime.

While you can never get enough of Mackinac Island, three days typically allow ample time to immerse yourself in its beauty, from exploring charming shops to admiring picturesque landscapes and enjoying must-see attractions. Book your stay today and embark on an unforgettable Mackinac Island adventure with Island House Hotel!